We just want to be healthy and have fun.

(and wear cool stuff)


KRKN (pronounced “crack-en”) takes a different approach to apparel – we want to remind people that fitness can be fun. We are tired of brands that tell us we aren’t strong enough, thin enough, or good enough in an effort to “motivate” us. We want to wear things that make us feel good about ourselves, no matter how we perform, or what size we are.

That’s why we create tongue-in-cheek designs, characters, and clever slogans as limited edition prints on super comfy shirts and tanks. We poke fun at fitness, food, and drinks to encourage you to not judge yourself (or others) so harshly.

It’s time to break free of body negativity, and performance anxiety. It’s time to get KRKN!


To build a fitness community that removes the social pressure to perform, and approaches all activity with joy and whimsy.


The kraken (KRKN) symbolizes an anxiety-free fitness journey. Most fitness brands are focused around idyllic representations of beauty, perfection, and victory – in short, they want us to aspire to be Greek gods. We thought to ourselves, what is the opposite of a perfect god-like being? That’s right, a KRKN! A monster that has nothing to prove!

A KRKN doesn’t need to impress anyone. It doesn’t care to conform to perfection like a mermaid or a unicorn. It doesn’t feel bad about its size. A KRKN is happy with what it is, and it’s going to do what it wants, when it wants, how it wants.

We are KRKNs. We’re making fitness fun because we can!

our values

Our values help us make informed decisions and unify the company mindset as we grow. These values serve as guideposts for our decisions to allow us to remain true to our mission.


Shine means letting your quirkiness and uniqueness show through!


Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it is being able to act in the face of fear.


A positive community makes even the toughest activities more enjoyable.


Grit is the ability to keep going after a setback, one step at a time.

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