Interview with a Deadlifting Gnome – Night of the Living Deadlift PDX

The Night of the Living Deadlift (NOTLDL) is a deadlift contest, costume contest, and dance party. This event celebrates strength and Halloween and is a great year-end party for the powerlifting and crossfit communities.

Today we sit down with the Deadlifting Gnome, Heather Bowers.

KRKN: I heard that you were the Costume Award Winner last year at NOTLDL! What was your costume last year? and what are you going to wear this year?

HEATHER:  My costume was a garden gnome. I had been wanting to do this costume idea for about 3 years or so and this was the perfect opportunity. I’m only 4’11 so I wanted my hat to be really tall, it ended up being 21 inches! I was excited that I was able to use my lifting belt as part of the costume as well.

Since I won best lifer costume last year, so I have to retire the gnome. I was thinking of doing Pebbles or Bam Bam, I really want to do Bam Bam – to play off my height and strength!

KRKN: That’s awesome. So cool that you were able to use your height as an advantage for the costume competition! How did you get into Powerlifting?

HEATHER: I started out doing crossfit – and there were two coaches there that introduced me to powerlifting and weightlifting. I ended up really loving powerlifting. It’s one of the things that drew me to the Night of the Living Deadlift Event, because it’s a powerlifting event that isn’t as stuffy as most other lifting events.

KRKN: Ah, so it’s the party vibe that really sold it for you on the Night of the Living Deadlift Event?

HEATHER: I love Night of the Living Deadlift because it is completely different than any other competition or gym event. It’s a party and that’s the main reason I go. The other reason I go is that my husband doesn’t compete in any type of lifting, and I’m always dragging him to events and this is the only event that he really enjoys!!

KRKN: Haha, well at least there’s one event a year that he’ll enjoy being dragged to! Is there anything else about NOTLDL that really stood out?

HEATHER: What surprised me was that we all danced for about two hours after the event was done, and then there was a beastie boy cover band that came on – and they were really good and it was really fun! I think I expected it to be fun, but not that fun. It completely exceeded my expectations for what I thought the event could be.

KRKN: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Just as a reminder to everyone else who hasn’t registered yet, you can still register until October 18th, and get a fun shirt designed by us!

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