Interview with a Deadlifting Pizza – Night of the Living Deadlift PDX

The Night of the Living Deadlift (NOTLDL) is a deadlift contest, costume contest, and dance party. This event celebrates strength and Halloween and is a great year-end party for the powerlifting and crossfit communities.

Today we sit down with the Deadlifting Pizza, Corey Shrader, Transfer Articulation and Graduation Coordinator at the University of Portland by Day, Deadlifting Pizza by night!

KRKN: Okay, this is probably the most important question of the interview: What was your costume for NOTLDL last year, and what are you going to wear this year?

COREY: I went as a pizza slice! I think next year I’m going to try to wear an ape suit or a bear suit that allows me to deadlift while i’m wearing it, but it can get a little hot in that type of suit, so I have to figure that out.

KRKN: Love it! We lift for pizza, so it’s fun to see pizza returning the favor! What was your fitness background before before you tried powerlifting?

COREY: I played 3 sports in high school,  including golf, if you count that as a real sport. Golf, Basketball, Baseball. But before Powerlifting, there was a long period of time where I did nothing, no working out of any kind, and I didn’t actually didn’t touch a barbell until I was about 26, and I’m 32 now. I accidentally discovered powerlifting because there was someone I worked with who powerlifted and we were chatting about deadlifting, so I thought I’d give it a try.

KRKN: That’s interesting. So, after playing multiple sports, why did you stick with Powerlifting?

COREY: Because it’s something anyone can get into, and you can see a good amount of progress in 12 to 24 weeks. Then there’s a wall, and where it gets fun for me is figuring out how to get past that wall to improve performance, it becomes a bit like puzzle for me to solve. A Rubick’s cube of strength, if you will.

KRKN: I can see the appeal in that, although Rubik’s cubes are not for me, I usually just peel all the stickers off! What would you say would be enticing about NOTLDL for the average non-rubik’s cube person?

COREY: You can go into this with a much looser mindset than say, a qualifier competition, because it’s not federation approved to lift in a bear suit, or something like that. So it’s a good way to get into the sport, without having to feel the pressure to perform. I was blown away by how much more of a community thing this was, everyone was having fun, it was very laid back, there were great costumes, and the atmosphere made it really great.

KRKN: NOTLDL sells “spectator” tickets as well – Do you feel this is something that a non-powerlifter would enjoy?

COREY: Yeah, so my wife does not powerlift. Her and some of my other friends came out to the event last year, and they’ve never been to a lifting event of any kind. They all told me that they had a really great time. It seemed like everyone who was just spectating, also had a lot of fun. It’s actually a really enjoyable to just scream encouragement at people trying to lift heavy weights!

KRKN: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

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Night of the Living Deadlift PDX